Legislative Priorities

American Legion Legislative Priorities

Protect and improve the GI Bill. Higher education, vocational training and home ownership are benefits are earned through service and sacrifice. “Yet, reservists and National Guardsmen are often deprived of these benefits. We must urge Congress to honor their service by granting them parity in the awarding of GI Bill benefits.”

Respect the U.S. flag. “It means amending the U.S. Constitution to allow Congress to once again claim the right to protect the flag from desecration. The flag used to cover the caskets of our fallen military heroes.”

Protect veterans from predatory actors. There are law firms “that are overcharging veterans after they had already been exposed to contaminated drinking water. We urge Congress to impose a cap on legal services provided in association with the Camp Lejeune Justice Act.”

Advocate for citizenship for military service. “It is unjust to deport veterans who served honorably and have expressed a willingness to fight and die for this country.”

Ensure the Coast Guard is paid. “This means paying the U.S. Coast Guard, uninterrupted, during any future government shutdowns.”